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The media team handles enquiries on issues concerning UKAR and its subsidiary businesses. These include annual results, interim statements, corporate announcements, Board and senior management appointments and related issues.

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Press releases

Board Changes
26 Jul 2016
UK Asset Resolution Ltd ("UKAR") announces that Richard Pym has today retired from the Boards of UKAR, Bradford & Bingley plc and NRAM Limited. [Read More]
UKAR Update
18 Jul 2016
UKAR today confirms the final stage of the sale of a £13bn asset portfolio to affiliates of Cerberus Capital Management LP has taken place. [Read More]
UK Asset Resolution confirms mortgage servicing transferred to Computershare
06 Jun 2016
UKAR today confirms its mortgage servicing operations have been transferred to Computershare. [Read More]
UKAR Annual Report & Accounts 2016
24 May 2016
UK Asset Resolution Limited ('UKAR') today issues its results for the year ended 31 March 2016 (‘2015/16'). UKAR included Bradford & Bingley plc ('B&B') and NRAM plc (‘NRAM’) throughout 2015/16. UKAR's mission is to maximise value for the taxpayer, whilst serving our customers well and treating all our stakeholders fairly. [Read More]
UK Asset Resolution announces the transfer of its mortgage servicing operations to Computershare
04 May 2016
UKAR announces today that it has signed a contract to transfer the mortgage servicing operations to Computershare. [Read More]
UKAR update
03 May 2016
As announced on 13 November 2015 UK Asset Resolution limited (UKAR) agreed to sell a £13bn asset portfolio from the legacy book of NRAM (including £12bn of loans within the Granite securitisation vehicle, plus a further £1bn of non-Granite assets) to affiliates of Cerberus Capital Management LP (Cerberus). [Read More]
Board Changes
23 Mar 2016
The Boards of UK Asset Resolution Ltd and Bradford & Bingley plc are pleased to announce the appointment of Brendan McDonagh as a Non-Executive Director with effect from 4 April 2016. [Read More]
UK Asset Resolution announces Computershare Limited as preferred bidder for mortgage servicing
01 Feb 2016
As previously announced UK Asset Resolution Limited (UKAR) has been exploring potential options for the divestment of its mortgage servicing activities in order to ensure continuity of service and long term stability for customers. Following a competitive process we are pleased to announce that we have entered into a period of exclusivity with Computershare. [Read More]

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