What we do

UKAR has been established to facilitate the orderly management of the closed mortgage books of both B&B and NRAM to maximise value for taxpayers.

The Executive team of UKAR manages both organisations focusing on this common objective, whilst ensuring that both companies continue to treat customers fairly, deliver consistently high levels of service and support those customers who are facing financial difficulty.

In addition, from 8 October 2013, UKAR Corporate Services (UKARcs) became responsible for the day to day administration of the Government's Help To Buy Mortgage Guarantee Scheme on behalf of HM Treasury.

How we work

UKAR is not authorised or regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). UKAR does not deal with customers directly, who continue to be serviced through the subsidiary businesses of B&B and NRAM. Both B&B and NRAM are individually authorised and regulated by the FCA.

UKAR's new subsidiary business, UKARcs, operates entirely separately from UKAR's core function of servicing the loan books of B&B and NRAM.

Media Centre

UK Asset Resolution successfully concludes sale process for a portfolio of mortgages for £2.7bn
14 Oct 2014
UK Asset Resolution Limited (UKAR), the holding company for Bradford & Bingley plc (B&B) and NRAM plc (NRAM), has concluded a competitive sales process for the sale of a portfolio of performing residential mortgage loans to Commercial First as part of a consortium led by J.P. Morgan for £2.7bn. [Read More]
Board changes
09 Jul 2014
UK Asset Resolution Ltd ("UKAR") announces that Ian Hares, Finance & Investment Director, has been appointed to the Boards of UKAR, Bradford & Bingley plc and NRAM plc with effect from 8 July 2014. [Read More]